Our Approach

All our investment choices are driven by a core set of principles.

Discipline is Everything

There are various strategies and investing philosophies that have merit but an investor’s ability to stick with a strategy offers the best opportunity for success. We believe that the discipline and patience to follow a well-researched strategy rewards investors over the long-term.

Investing is both Art and Science.

We believe that portfolios and strategies must be developed in a scientific-like manner using both data driven research and behavioral-based evidence. We also believe that effective portfolio management employs the art of sound judgement. By combining the science with the art, we look to craft a portfolio that meets the goals of the investor.

Time Matters.

Investors have more opportunity to be rewarded for taking risk in the market over long periods of time, often measured in multi-year intervals.

Depth of Research forms Decisions.

We are committed to extensively researching investments, allocations, managers, and/or strategies before we act. There is a depth and quality to our research that backs every decision we make for our clients.

Risk Must be Considered.

Investors should be adequately compensated for the risk they take. In every investment decision, we evaluate risk-adjusted returns rather than just absolute returns.